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INDIA /2000 traveling with film makers, Melitta Tchaikovsky and Pepe Osman, as they gathered material  for "Jaiselmer, Ayo" -  documenting  the nomadic tribes of India. I spent hours daily sorting through textile shops, adjusting my eyes to the riches of woven, embroidered, tribal, and Bollywood finery. I loaded bags with saris, blankets, veils,  and jewelry. 

In 2019, I traveled three times to India, this time visiting a dear friend as she volunteered with the Missionaries of Charity in Kolkata.  

Kolkata is not a restful place and mostly I wandered. There is a feast for the eyes at every turn. \


 Along the city streets of Kolkata, India, living trees are converted into altars honoring the deities Kali, Shiva, Ganesha and Hanuman. 

I grew up with cats and kittens and have never

been without several in my life. At one point I had a tribe of eleven- Tara, Pearl, Fidel, Pasha, Omar, Camilla, Tanjouie, Mocho, Jupiter, Octavio and Pinky. When Omar went missing my search led to the local cat lady who introduced me to the art of trapping. I never found him, but did meet a hidden population of cats and began a 30 year adventure of trapping feral and street cats for neuter spay programs, in California, NYC and Isla Mujeres, Mexico. I've kept track of my "customers"and am reaching 1500  cats, neutered/ spayed and released to live healthier lives. 

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